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Villatore & Associates provides a wide range of services including marketing, public relations consulting, media strategy, workshops, classroom training assessment and analysis, curriculum development, professional seminars, problem resolution and project management.

Below are listed some of our recent courses and projects:










Instructor-led, Web-based and Teleconferenced delivery


Design student guides and workbooks


Environmental Literacy

Training in how to perceive and interpret the relative health of environmental systems and to take appropriate action to maintain, restore or improve the health of those systems.


Environmental Management Leadership

Leadership's main objective is to promote sustainability into business practices by equipping leaders with the knowledge and insights about key sustainable development issues and enhance the personal leadership skills required to promote organizational change towards sustainability. Participants are encouraged to reframe social and environmental issues not just as risks but also as sizeable opportunities.


Authentic Leadership

Authentic leadership begins with seeing situations clearly and directly, appreciating complexity, holding the long term consequences, and attending to detail with precision. Authentic leadership respects and builds on the inherent goodness, dignity, and richness of oneself and others. It fosters a culture of inquiry, appreciation, and integrity. Transformative learning occurs in an environment of creative paradox, where order is discovered within chaos.


Bridging Generations in the Workplace


Manage Stress in the Workplace

Increasing workloads and higher performance expectations place new burdens on people. Individuals may respond to increased stress with inappropriate, rude or angry behaviors which can make life in the workplace uncomfortable. This course integrates advanced team role-plays, tandem learning tools, and coping techniques. It will help you to build resilience to stress, and enable you to perform better at work. The course incorporates shared understandings and strategies for team building in working groups.


Wellness of Mind

Explore the four latest brain tools to increase memory and mental agility. Improve self-esteem, increase ability to isolate and handle personal stress, depression or other burnout issues using the latest feedback theories of the brain, and practice these new techniques within class. Learn the critical factors which prevent you from modifying your own inhibiting habits. Practice an instructor led, 15-minute guided visualization in class.  This course includes:
- Use State-of-the-Art Brain Tools
- Meet the Critic, your Hidden Emotion
- Explore Cognitive Restructuring Techniques
- Learn which Brain Toxins to avoid
- Define Factors for Nutrition of the Brain
- Practice Enhanced Intelligence Factors


“This course was very beneficial. Linda is very resourceful & personable. There is a broad range of materials we have to help with rewiring our brains & she was great at teaching us how to tap into that.” -- CalSTRS Program Manager


Wellness of Body

This course examines our genetic, lifestyle, and environmental factors from the perspective of finding, restoring and maintaining wellness of body. It helps you recognize and begin your personal recovery to a state of wellness, which will last the rest of your life.  Included:
- Learn the five stages of recovery
- Detoxify naturally
- Unlock the power in vitamins and herbs
- Improve orientation to weight management, movement and eating
- Explore the best methods for recovery in the face of information overload
- Isolate and use your "pivot point"
- Practice self-talk exercises to increase wellness attitudes and motivation
- Instructor-led Visualizations


"The class had a lot of great information. Linda is a good teacher & knows her stuff. This was a useful and enjoyable experience.” -- CalSTRS Manager


Wellness of Spirit

This course highlights the range of normal spiritual experience; our natural human capacity to ask the ultimate questions about the meaning of life and our place in it. Present circumstances indicate that we would benefit from a common language to describe, appreciate and enhance sacred experience that does not alienate us from others and does not carry the burden of religious or ideological overtones. Course objectives include:
- Identify your spiritual matrix; the personal balance of 7 factors.
- Learn to speak about your spirituality in non-threatening, more inclusive ways.
- Gain insight into trends in belief and sacred practice.
- Practice instructor-led, guided visualizations in class.


"I still refer to the suggested methods in resolving my issues with stress. Particularly when it comes to the foods that I choose to eat." -- EDD Project Manager


Computer Literacy for Late Adopters


Women Who Run from Computers

The workshop introduces computers and internet usage to adults who may not have grown up with these newer technologies.


“Your work helps women to reclaim their spiritual and emotional energy around computers.” -- Native American Tribal Leader


"This course has literally changed my life! Linda supplied the missing information about how computers think." -- Educational Therapist


Facilitating Organization Change: Thriving in Uncertainty

Help your organization successfully navigate and thrive in the midst of current challenges. This course will prepare you to act with courage and clarity in environments of uncertainty and rapid change. The customized team scenarios provide insight into self-organizing for change, and new ways to think about organizations, actions needed to make them successful.  Based on MIT’s research into the principles of “Adaptive Leadership,” this interactive workshop invites you to think like nature does. Adaptive Leadership borrows concepts from biology and anthropology which allow nature to persist in spite of challenges and change. You will gain practical tools and methods that you will apply immediately in your own work environment.


Train the Trainer courses and workshops




“Please Please have Linda offer more computer classes at EHS. She does an excellent job. I enjoy learning from her.” -- Eureka City Schools Teacher



"Good scenarios and good discussion. We would benefit from training on 'Cultural Differences' with this instructor." -- City of Citrus Heights Senior Executive Team



“Thank you for your Communication and Healthy Living courses. We found you to be creative, passionate, pragmatic, funny and diligent.” -- Director of Education



“I would love to take another class from Linda. Please bring her back!!" -- University of Hawaii student



“Linda came with a wealth of 'real-world' experience as a video production professional. The excellent quality of her Multimedia courses was directly related to these experiences, along with excellence in communication and leadership, visions for program growth." -- College of the Redwoods Professor



“A communications professional with a sophisticated understanding of brand messaging and marketing. She knows how to build a message and deliver it effectively with minimum resources and time. She can handle conflicting views with good judgment and visionary thinking. Most of all, she knows how to motivate people to work in collaborative endeavors for common goals.” -- Evergreen Digital Technologies President



"Artistically gifted and analytical in business; able to envision the larger picture and cut to the bone.” -- Vandar Music Group President



“You have been honest, and smart in putting me on the right track in green roof consulting. I am proud to work with you and hope that our mutual environmental concerns will bring a better future. I look forward to working with you again.” -- Environmental Author and Consultant



"Linda displayed an exceptional ability to analyze the educational needs and plan a suitable course of action for the soldiers. Within a 10 month period, she administered over 2,000 group and individual Comprehensive Tests of Basic Skills, graded them and followed up with individual counseling. Her energetic and tireless efforts…intelligence judgment and sensitivity were evident to all.” -- US Army Major General


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