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Villatore & Associates


Linda Villatore, MFA

Communication Specialist


Community Engagement

Training and Technical Assistance

Strategic Planning and Program Design

Communication and Education Campaign Development

Communication to help communities remake themselves.

We work in educational partnerships which go beyond routine approaches to deliver new insights that catalyze lasting change.


Education - make scientific information accessible. We distill complex issues into accessible language and media that is socially and culturally relevant - presented in ways that address how people think.

Motivation - investigate new perspectives about what is possible. We reduce psychological and emotional barriers that prevent learning and help people see the issue -- and themselves -- in a new light.

Transformation - generate and connect social capital We design programs that create ongoing engagement and capacity for sustainable change.




Comments from recent clients and students:


"Your approach is fascinating!"


"Insight, vision, style and knowledge."


"Thanks for your patience!"


"A wealth of real world experience."


"Your innovative ideas are years ahead"


"A patient considerate instructor and plenty of exploration time."



Fostering Sustainable Practices in Your Workplace



Advisory Council Save the American River Association



Currently nominated for the 2011 Governor's Environmental Economic Leadership Award, California’s highest environmental honor









Woman-Owned Small Business

Certified SMUD SEED Service Provider

Certified California DGS Registration #1177324

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